rtist Statement

Where do I begin? Art is nature and creating art is a very natural act.

As a child I was exposed to Fine Art and Natural History Museums. My father was a photographer for the Navy and my mother spent a good deal of her young adulthood working in oils. I grew to appreciate many forms of beauty, but art in nature seemed to capture my interest right away. I was also a very athletic child so I found an interest in the beauty of movement through ice skating and dance.

It wasn't until my first few years in college that I found my niche in airbrush art. At that point I realized that this was the vehicle I could use to express my ideas and artistic creativity. I experimented with many other mediums but the combination of airbrush, watercolors, and colored pencil seemed to become my voice. Today I continue to look for beauty through the exploration of nature and my Japanese cultural heritage. I currently work for a company that designs and builds Natural History Museum exhibits. My personal art portfolio provided me the opportunity to work for this company. I am very fortunate to have a career that allows me to use my artistic talents. At the same time I continue to create my own personal art. Creating is a very natural act and I am just another part of nature.


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