October 8, 2004
Clay sculpture to be made into the future limited edition Bronze sculptures. Sculpture dimensions: 16 round base. Ht:19 at top of ponytail. Created by: Yurika (aka Elizabeth Koval Maffeo). Dealer: Greg Escolta, Escolta Fine Art.

Makenai: Front view

Bushido: Front right angle

Bushido: Right side

Bushido: Back right angle

Bushido: Back side

Bushido: Back left angle

Bushido: Left side

Bushido: Front left angle

Bushido: Front angle

Bushido: Back above

Bushido: Lt side above

Bushido: Front above

Bushido: Back below

Bushido: Front Lt below

Bushido: Lt side close

Bushido: Front legs

Bushido: Front close up

Bushido: Front upper body

Bushido: Right side face

Bushido: Front face close

Bushido: Back Lt head

Bushido: Front right face

Bushido: Right side head

Bushido: Right angle face

Bushido: Top view 1

Bushido: Top view 2

Bushido: In progress 1

Bushido: In progress 2

Bushido: In progress 3

Bushido: In progress 4

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