September 25, 2010
Elizabeth Koval Maffeo help created this Donation Box for Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Liz sculpted and painted the Juvenile Hawk. Melissa Monk assembled the internal hardware and Joe made the donation box. Three artists volunteered their skills to help the museum raise money. Liz's part in this creation was completed in July 2010.

Liz with Hawk Donation Box

Donation Box at Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Box located next to birds.

Hungry hawk

Helping a dollar bill go down

Dante hugging Juvenile Hawk

Feed me.

Another view of Juvenile Hawk

Toddler view

Hawk proportions exaggerated
to fit the need.

Liz with Hawk

Dante putting the first dollar in.

Lizís signed the leaf.

Close upís before delivering to the museum.

More close ups

Close up of wing.

Close up of backside

Close up of exaggerated beak

Close up of opposite side of
exaggerated head/beak

Close up

A view from above.

Mouth wide enough to put money in.

Close up of under wing

Opposite under wing close up

Inside the nest.

Nest must be sturdy for
children to touch

Say Ahhhhh!

Liz sculpted on this Museum approved armature

The beginnings of the bird and nest.

Slowly transforming.

Liz working on the beak

Liz putting thin layers of
resin on the mesh.

Liz working on feather details

Proportions challenging, must modify

Liz working on the eyes.

Liz working on the mouth

Liz sculpting more feathers

Ready to prime and paint.

Beginnings of painting

Feather color patterns

Painted to the colors
for a Juvenile Hawk

Liz with finished piece.

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