Pelican Donation Box
April, 2014
Elizabeth Koval Maffeo created a California Brown Pelican model that receives money through the beak then travels through the body and rests into a donation box.This Pelican Donation box is available for feeding at Crab Cove in Alameda. Opening day August 1st 2014.

Liz with Pelican Donation Box.

Donation Box at Crab Cove Visitor Center.

Donation Box at Crab Cove Visitor Center.

Temorary Photo.
Coming soon Artist plaque photo

Liz feeding the Pelican.

Dante feeding the Pelican.

Inside the Pelican's throat where the
money slides down into the box below.

Close up right side view.

Close up left side view.

Above view of the Pelican Donation Box.

Top view of Donation Box.

Contributions in the lighted
Donation Box.

Close up of left side.

Close up of right side.

Close up of front side.

Close up of back side.

Close up of head and long beak.

Close up of long beak.

Close up of top of head.

Close up throat pouch.

Close up of neck and pouch tecture.

Close up of neck
going into back feather .

Close up of top
back and wing feathers.

Close up of back feathers.

Close up of front wing and chest.

Close up of Liz's signature.

Armature of Pelican.

First a thin layer of resin
to cover the mesh armature.

Transformation begins
by modifying the head.

Liz applying resin to build up the sculpture.

Liz hand sanding the inside of the throat.

Liz carving out features with a dremel.

Liz adding more
resin to sculpture.

Liz hand sanding top of beak.

Liz cutting mesh and resin to modify
the transitionbetween head to neck.

Liz sculpting the eye socket.

Liz starting to sculpt the back feathers.

Liz shaping the beak.

Liz smoothing out the
throat ridges.

Liz sculpting vein details on the pouch.

A coat of adhvesive applied to
strengthening inside of the throat.

Sculpture finished and primed.
Ready to paint.

Liz first paints the back feathers.

Liz sponging the base color
on to the beak.

First layer of color on Pelican.

Many Layers of colors to create this feathered finished look.

Colorful beak to match
Pelican photo references.

Liz adding dry brush details.

Liz adding a color wash to blend.

Liz working on detailing the eye.

Liz doing last minute
paint touch ups.

Liz holding the finshed sculpture.

The California Brown Pelican is ready for delivery to Crab Cove Visitors Center.


1995-2012 Elizabeth Koval