Main Bio of Printed Work
Elizabeth Koval Maffeo is a freelance artist who, for nearly 20 years, has been capturing the tranquil spirituality of nature in her work. Using a watercolor/ gouache technique, each of her paintings radiates from a central, multifaceted theme with vivid color and sublime texture.

“In my art, I embrace and entwine my Japanese heritage with my love for photography and nature by producing images that capture the essence of cultural mystique and symbolism through extremely realistic detail.”

Elizabeth’s art is conceived in a serial format with an in-depth thematic focus. Her diverse love for symbolism, fantasy and dream imagery pervades each series.

Kimono Seasons (series of 5) - This series integrates the subtlety of Eastern lore with the vibrancy of Western realism to create stunning and graceful “moments of heart and inner being” through the central symbolic theme of kimono tapestries.

Beauty Of The Bonsai (series of 4) - This work represents the solemn dignity of the bonsai and the ancient spirit of discipline that dwells within and without its peaceful countenance.

Tangu No Sekku (individual) - May 5th is the celebration of Boys Day in Japan. The passing of the torch across generations is theme to “Tangu No Sekku”, a traditional oriental piece that makes audible the unspoken words on a holiday outing. Here, we see the ancient Japanese fascination with the kite, but even more importantly the bringing of a father and son together in a special moment of kinship.

Elizabeth Koval’s work is currently being shown in various locations in California, both as note cards and as limited edition Giclee prints. Each print comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” and a guide to the symbolism represented within. Please visit her website to see various other works that have not gone into print yet.
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